Recruiting involves a significant cost for organizations. But we at offer ingenious recruitment solutions to companies which can bring down the cost of recruiting the right talent for their staffing requirements.

This forte of our service line involves an employer transferring all or part of their recruitment processes to us. We will then manage the entire gamut of recruiting and hiring, including Induction Training Programs. Essentially, we serve as an extension of your own human resources department within the organization.

Here are some recruitment services we offer

  • We are experts in employer/agent consultations. We help you in planning your human resources beyond your specific situation and assist you in finding solutions.
  • You can place your requirement for mass hiring with us and be assured that each and every person of the entire batch of candidates we give you will be a complete professional committed to delivering the best for you. Our selection will be based on individual scrutiny.
  • We provide best executives after initial screening the prospective candidates for worthiness for your requirement.
  • Our efficient employees do the industry mapping, focus and find out the profiles having the competence for your requirement. Once they identify the 'right' person, they use their professional and social contacts to reach him.